Enter the Hole!

Fatty Rabbit Hole is an action arcade game where your goal is to eat as much junk food as you can, while falling down an endless hole. In your way lies gross healthy foods, obstacles, and an assortment of dastardly foes.


  • 12 unique rounds - Randomly selected at the start of each level, these 12 rounds help each game of Fatty Rabbit Hole feel fresh and offer a unique challenge.
  • 3 boss rounds - As you venture further and further down the rabbit hole, you'll encounter a few boss rounds which present a special trial with multiple levels of complexity.
  • 4 bonus rounds - Played mid-level, each bonus round offers the chance to pick up massive amounts of bonus points.
  • Full controller and touch support - Play how you like with full support for Xbox controllers (or similar) and touch screens.
  • Fully hand drawn art - Every image in Fatty Rabbit Hole was hand-drawn and digitally painted to ensure a high quality, fun cartoon look.
  • Legendary cartoon sound - A classical score and sound effects lifted from traditional cartoons makes the game feel like a cartoon come to life.
  • Inspired by comedy genius - Fatty Rabbit Hole was inspired by the comedic work of Matt Donnelly and Paul Mattingly – read more below!

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Fatty Rabbit Hole was inspired by the podcast Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social, by Las Vegas comedians Matt Donnelly and Paul Mattingly. Their humor, in the form of wild characters, inuendo, and puns, is sprinkled throughout to offer fans, and non-fans alike, an extra layer of fun in addition to the frantic arcade action of the game.


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